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Travel Merchant Account

We Love to Travel and we Love assisting businesses with Travel Merchant Accounts!

So you are in the travelling industry and you are probably realizing that it is hard to find a merchant provider that will offer an account to process payments. As you know, the travel industry is a high risk merchant type business because of the high volume, high charge backs, and the refunds that can occur. At Payment Savvy, we have hundreds of travel companies in place and know the business very well. When you sign up with Payment Savvy you not only get a great service but you can expect the following:

  • Save Money – We know the business , the risk and the potential so we have come up with some excellent rate plans to help grow your company!

  • Virtual Terminal | Payment Gateway – Payment Savvy offers an all-in-one solution to enable ease of use in accepting credit cards & in real-time.

  • Risk Management- At Payment Savvy we provide the best risk management services for your travel merchant account so that your company can keep the chargebacks down and the revenue increasing!


We are excited to hear from you regarding your travel merchant account and hope we can help get your company setup today!

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