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Payment Savvy's No Cost to Biller!


Payment Savvy is offering a simple, secure, and  FREE web-based solution to accept all forms of payments: Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Electronic ACH (eChecks).  Now your clients, consumers, & debtors are able to easily submit payments using multiple methods at a simple click of a button!

How Does this work?

Here is a simple breakdown of how your business can take payments for FREE!

Consumer pays $100 (by Credit Card or eCheck)
$100 (Collected by YOU (Company ABC) deposited in your bank account.
Convenience Fee (Service fee collected by Payment Savvy) deposited in our bank account
$0.00 (Is what YOU (Company ABC) pays in processing fees!)

To Sum it up:
You collect 100% of the MONEY leading to your profit levels increasing altogether!

What are the Benefits of using this "No Cost to Biller" *Service FEE Model* ?

  • Absolutely No Processing FEES
  • Ability to accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, ACH, Electronic Checks
  • Take Payments 24/7 by Phone, Web, IVR, Mobile, Text
  • Interactive Voice Response *Proprietary SMART AI Voice Recognition*
  • Recurring Payments in Real Time
  • Instant Payment Reminder Notifications

Is this legal to take payments in all the states in the USA?

Absolutely!  Think of Payment Savvy Pay N Seconds as the Western Union® of taking payments as a 3rd party. When you use our system the client or consumer is actually using us (3rd party) to make a payment.  
We can easily offer to accept a service fee because due to the 3rd party service we are providing.

Is this for real?


Which industries will the "No Cost to Biller" work with?

  • Collections Agencies
  • Commercial Collections Agency
  • Healthcare & Medical Billing Services
  • Personal Health Insurance
  • Utility & Energy Payment Processing Services
  • Banking & Auto Loans (First | Secondary)
  • Property Management Services (Commercial | Residential)
  • Law Firms

***If you are a different business looking to use our Convenience FEE Model please call us to get signed up as this is not a complete list of merchant industries we work with.

How do I start accepting payments for FREE with Pay N Seconds web solution? 

Call or fill out the form and one of our representatives will call you in the next 2 hours.


***Payment Savvy's Pay N Seconds product works well with any business that accepts payments.***



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